Nothing can ruin your twenties more than thinking you need to have your shit together - not my words but they sure do run true.
I pinched that line off Pinterest which just quietly has become my go-to place for words of wisdom. Oddly enough Pinterest is the one place where my shit is sorted (into 11 neat little public boards, plus three secret ones with secret stuff pinned to them).
At two months shy of 25 I suddenly feel very anxious about my life. What am I doing and do I want to be doing this?
From an outsiders perspective I have a pretty good job with pretty good pay and it probably looks like I’m doing okay.
Inside my head it is a flipping disaster and needs to be put into neat little Pinterest boxes, stat.
Judging by my Facebook feed, my entire “friends” list are living fairy tale lives, travelling to exotic places, buying up property, getting married and having babies.
I have been so far as across the ditch (does it count if I’m from there?), have a maxed out credit card and get about as much attention from men as a white crayon.
The only things I ever have to share on my page are cat videos and drunk girl memes.
I’ve been mulling over these thoughts for the better half of a year now while pinning life quotes onto my “inspire” board, watching Eat, Pray, Love on repeat and I have even been to see a psychic. I kid you not.
It’s official, the “quarter life crisis” is a thing.
Recently I reached a turning point after a night out with my two closest girlfriends from school, it turns out there are other people who are just as confused and anxious about winning at life as I am.
After much mulling over, I’ve come to realise that there the only people who put pressure on us, is us.
For some reason at only 25 years old we feel pressure to be leading the company, pressure to be earning enough to own our own home and still have cash to burn on shoes and cocktails.
Basically we feel pressure to be successful.
There comes a point when you need to stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and focus on what you’re doing and whether it’s what YOU want.
If it isn’t, one benefit of only being 25 is we have ample time to change course!
There will always be people who may appear to be doing far better than you are but they might have had different opportunities or are simply at a different life stage.
One of my favourite pins lately is “envy is the practise of counting someone else’s blessings instead of you own”.
My translation - we all have something special to offer and will find success in our life when we have the courage to forget what others are doing or think and do what truly makes us happy.
Now that’s not Pinterest - that’s a direct quote!