Feeling pressure & dreaming dreams

Do we take life too seriously in our twenties?
I have been thinking a lot about the pressure to grow up and be responsible.
Nearing 25, you’d think that would be already be done with by now.
Not that I’m still a juvenile by any means but my career to date has seen me shoulder a significant amount of responsibility with work in the media and public sector.
I’ve always been career focused and have pretty much put work and the will to succeed before anything else.
I have never been able to fathom anything other than being super successful (and fantastic, clearly).
Fortunately I have had some great opportunities and with quite a bit of hard work, I have done pretty well up until now.
However I now find myself at a crossroads where I kind of just want to throw it all in, give up work for a few months and go travelling.
The “I actually just don’t give a shit about this” thoughts have been creeping in more and more.
My mentor of sorts shook his head at the idea I would go travelling at this stage in my career - “you young people don’t know what’s good for you”.
Taken aback I sulked about this for a while.
What he means is that I would be dumb to throw away all my hard work and much smarter for me to keep sledging away.
This brought about thoughts of feeling pressured to be what other people want you to be.
I read somewhere that it can only be a good thing when other people disagree with your choices because it means you’re making your own decisions.
However doing what you want is not always easy, especially when people are backing you and believe in you.
The good thing about this is that I’m now realising how ingrained people’s expectations are into me and I’m now much more aware of whether I’m doing things for myself or for others.
The tricky bit now is erecting a retaining wall of sorts between my wants and those of others’ after bowing to the pressure since, well, always.
One of my main (career-related) goals is to largely answerable only to myself.
While I’m all for working within a good team, being a minion isn’t in my sights by any means and I guess that means taking a chance and making the leap into the unknown.
As the saying goes - if you don’t follow your dreams you’ll end up working for someone who did!